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Ferro Alloys

From basic trade activity to ore conversion and commissioning of production, thanks to our strong relationships with Ferro Alloy producing plants around the world, we can satisfy any customer need.

With a thirty year track record in the sector, we provide a range of solutions for steel producers’ bulk Ferro Alloy requirements and can work on both spot and long term contract basis. We have strong relationships with a number of key Ferro Alloy producers around the world, enhanced by our local market presence in many producing countries.

To help our suppliers maintain the maximum flexibility in their business we can arrange unique financing solutions. Similarly we offer flexible credit terms to our established clients. Our sales of the following products are to steel manufacturers globally:

  • Ferro-Silicon
  • Ferro-Chrome
  • Ferro-Vanadium
  • Ferro Silico-Manganese
  • High Carbon Ferro-Manganese
  • Medium Carbon Ferro-Manganese
  • Low Carbon Ferro-Manganese